Where are the parents when the child wakes up in the morning?

Leaves the house?

Buys his breakfast in the Dunkin Donuts because nobody was there to prepare him a warm breakfast?

Where are the parents when the child is failing class because he has no support or cannot concentrate because of family issues?

Where are the parents when the teacher tries to get in contact with them?

Tries to wake them up in order to be conscious of their child needs?

Where are the parents when the child is isolated?

Left by himself?

Deprived of other choices than raise himself?

Left without any leader to show the right pathway?

Where are the parents when the child comes back from school and realizes that he is alone?

I want to know where they are!!! Those who give life without taking care of it.

Those who pretend to sacrifice themselves for their progenitors!!!

What do they know about sacrifice?!

Real sacrifices require dedication of your entire world or at least 95% of it to the child.

Real sacrifices require hard work to meet the physical needs of the child but sometimes parents lose themselves in this duty and forget about the psychological needs.

Yes, what about the psychological, mental, emotional needs of a child?

The mind is like a prison where one is a prisoner who has the key and do not know how to use it.