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Lost of Freedom to Fail

          We know from history that the colonists were asked a lot of efforts and courage to earn their independence; however, it is also through mistakes, lost battles and perseverance that they achieved their goal. From there, we can conclude that their success was not only based on victory but also on failure. Today, nevertheless, this freedom to fail is little by little lost and replaced by a system where success exists without failure and this change starts at the society’s base, education.

            One of the reasons why we are losing the freedom to fail is because the government does not allow the students to fail. Failure is like the domino effect. If the students fail, the teacher fails, the administration fails and the whole education system fails. This is the reason why when a student is not able to pass a class, the teacher has no choice than curve the grade because education accepts success without failure. However, by condemning failure, the government prevents the student from acquiring the skills needed in order to go forward in his education. When the student gets to college without the basics, he will waste his time taking classes that he should have mastered in high school. This kind of behavior has two effects. On an educational level, the pressure from this inconvenience will cause the student to drop college and give up on every expectation of life. On a personal level, the student realizes that he is not ready for college, can not handle it and becomes despondent and in extreme cases kills himself. Every year, a certain number of college students commit suicide because of the unbearable pressure that they suffer while in college.

            Another reason why we are losing the freedom to fail is the student himself. He knows that even if he does not reach the average to pass the class, he will pass anyway because the teacher will curve the grade. In other words, the student is immunized against failure and is not aware of his mistakes to avoid them in the future. He will constantly fail until he learns the lesson but it will take a longer time before he gets to this point. Furthermore, this bad behavior will continue by itself through the next generation where the children will act exactly like the parents who will be powerless against the crisis because they themselves did not reach their full potential.

            The financial bailout of the banks is an example of this loss

of freedom on a longer scale. This has an impact on all Americans and on the world in general. The freedom to fail is important in the sense that it allows us to know what success really is. Thus, it is crucial that we preserve it because it does not only affect our present generation but also the next. Without freedom to fail, there is no freedom to succeed; there is no hope for tomorrow.


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